Android and Windows Phone prototyping now on Xiffe

We have been working on V2 of Xiffe for few months now. But there was one thing a lot of our clients requested - the support for Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Introducing  v2 on Xiffe - with added support for Android and Windows Phone prototyping.

You can now design app prototypes for iOS, Android and Windows Phone all in one location.

Beside including different platform-specific user controls, we have also included features that are unique to each platform and are an important part of the design process.

For instance, we’ve introduced themes and accent colors for Android and Windows Phone that would create controls with predefined colors for you without having to customize each of them as recommended by these platforms.

Round icons (action buttons) are another set of controls commonly used in Windows Phone apps. Their inclusion in Xiffe lets you focus on the overall layout and look and feel of the app while we do the heavy-lifting for you.

While tab bars and action bars are added for Android, pivots and app bars are made available for Windows Phone apps.

You can see below a small subset of controls that Xiffe has made available for Android and Windows Phone app prototypes.


Windows Phone

* *

While we’re continuously trying to improve Xiffe, we’d be happy to receive your feedback about what you liked in this update and what features you would like to see included in the next update.

Do write to us on and let us know what you think about this latest update. You can also give us a shout out if you find any issues and we’ll ensure we fix them right away to help you prototype the next killer app!