Mockup iOS apps in a jiffy

Ever wish you could design your apps and show your clients/colleagues how it would look before it went into development? Wouldn’t it be easy to just drag-drop a few components and get this done instead of using Photoshop or Illustrator or Powerpoint, digging through layers and getting the right components? Xiffe lets you do just that. Create prototypes for your apps in a xiffe (pronounced jiffy) using a simple drag-drop web interface. All your data is stored on the web making it easy to access anywhere on the internet. You can even access the prototypes on your iPhone to see how the app would look on an actual iPhone.

Xiffe Includes:

iOS7  Compatible Design Library

Xiffe provides the complete iOS 7 flat UI library along with the standard skeuomorphic graphical elements:

  • Bars (Status bars, Navigation bars, Toolbars, Tab bars)
  • Buttons
  • Resizable and colorable icons
  • Alert messages
  • Date and time pickers
  • Keyboards
  • Table Views etc.


Unlike most other mockup tools where you can change only basic properties for an element, with Xiffe, you get complete control of the elements to closely match the properties that Apple provides for its controls. So you can control the elements to the same levels that you can with Apple Xcode.


Icon sets

Apps these days require developers to show as much as they can on a very small screen. This requires them to use images rather than text. Xiffe provides you with a large icon set which will meet most of your needs. Instead of browsing through the Internet for icon sets, just concentrate on your app design. We have included vector icons from Font Awesome that can instantly be customized by you for both size and color.


  App Previewer

You can simulate an entire app workflow by linking screens through button clicks and specifying transitions between screens. So your clients and collaborators can see exactly how data will move through the app.


You can also share links to your prototype with others. This will let them see how the app will actually look on an iPhone.With this version, we’re releasing a web-tool that will help you mock up your apps for iOS in a Xiffe (pronounced jiffy).

Using Xiffe, create a mockup like DropBox

image image

** Left - Screenshot from original DropBox app Right - Mockup using Xiffe  

or a Yelp like iPad app mockup


Xiffe provides you theme based controls with a predefined color scheme for a head start. You can change color for individual controls as well.


With a simple layout, snap to grid line feature and position indicators - Xiffe helps you create iOS app mockups with ease.

We are still in beta and continuously improving our design and user experience. We will also be introducing other mobile platforms with later versions - including Android and Windows Phone. Try out Xiffe and do send us your feedback at