Duplication feature in Xiffe - Faster and easier way to prototype

Xiffe allows you to duplicate your prototypes with just one click. Not only prototypes, you can also duplicate single screen or components with xiffe. A video tutorial is given to guide you about duplicating screens in xiffe.

You can also select multiple components at a time, all you have to do is just holding Ctrl Key while selecting the components on a screen.

Duplicating Prototype:

  1. Open the prototype list and hover the mouse on preferred prototype.

  2. You will find a duplicate option at top left corner.

  3. Click on duplicate option and your prototype will duplicate.

Duplicating Screen:

  1. Open the screen to be duplicated.

  2. Screen properties are shown in properties area at right side.

  3. Click on duplicate option and your screen will duplicate.

Duplicating Component:

  1. Select the component to be duplicated.

  2. Once the component is selected, many options are become active in tool bar.

  3. Click on duplicate option and your component will duplicate.

If you want to duplicate multiple components at a time, press & hold command (or Ctrl Key) and select more than one components to be duplicated. Proceed by following above steps 2 & 3.