Design the flow of your app with Xiffe - Navigation b/w screens

Xiffe allows navigation b/w multiple screens through which we can actually have a feel of how original app will work. How your app is gonna work and execute? these all you can simply design with Xiffe. You can also add transitions to make your prototyping more attractive.

You can easily navigate between two screens. Please follow the tutorials for same.

Navigating b/w screens :

  1. In Sign In screen, select Sign In button.
  2. Go on Link property in properties area at right side.
  3. A list of available screens is shown under Screen Name, select the screen which is to be linked.
  4. Here we select Landing screen.
  5. You can also add animations during navigation b/w screens. A list of possible transitions is given under Transition, select the one you want.
  6. Your screens are now connected with one click. To check, see preview of your app.