Collaborative prototyping with Xiffe

Our Team Plan users can now start collaborating with team members using the team manager dialog. With the latest update of, you can now create prototypes for apps by collaborating online in real time with other team members. We have made a small demo video so you can see how it works.

On the editor, there is a small collaborator icon at the top towards the center where you can see all your collaborators for the selected app. Whenever a collaborator accesses the app you're editing, you get a notification and thereafter your edits to the app can be seen in real time by your team member.

Collaborators can group-chat between them to discuss while they're editing the screens. All your messages are stored at browser end only and live temporarily till you're editing the app - we do not keep a copy of them. This ensures increased safety of your intellectual property as well.

While working in a collaborative environment, there can be various cases where conflicting actions take place on an app screen. We have tried to think of all such use-cases and Xiffe give appropriate directions and notifications to the collaborators for a seamless experience.

We aspire to improve Xiffe each day and bring the best mobile prototyping experience to our users. Do try out this new feature and send us your feedback at