Design the flow of your app with Xiffe - Navigation b/w screens

Xiffe allows navigation b/w multiple screens through which we can actually have a feel of how original app will work. How your app is gonna work and execute? these all you can simply design with Xiffe. You can also add transitions to make your prototyping more attractive.

You can easily navigate between two screens. Please follow the tutorials for same.

Navigating b/w screens :

  1. In Sign In screen, select Sign In button.
  2. Go on Link property in properties area at right side.
  3. A list of available screens is shown under Screen Name, select the screen which is to be linked.
  4. Here we select Landing screen.
  5. You can also add animations during navigation b/w screens. A list of possible transitions is given under Transition, select the one you want.
  6. Your screens are now connected with one click. To check, see preview of your app.

Duplication feature in Xiffe - Faster and easier way to prototype

Xiffe allows you to duplicate your prototypes with just one click. Not only prototypes, you can also duplicate single screen or components with xiffe. A video tutorial is given to guide you about duplicating screens in xiffe.

You can also select multiple components at a time, all you have to do is just holding Ctrl Key while selecting the components on a screen.

Duplicating Prototype:

  1. Open the prototype list and hover the mouse on preferred prototype.

  2. You will find a duplicate option at top left corner.

  3. Click on duplicate option and your prototype will duplicate.

Duplicating Screen:

  1. Open the screen to be duplicated.

  2. Screen properties are shown in properties area at right side.

  3. Click on duplicate option and your screen will duplicate.

Duplicating Component:

  1. Select the component to be duplicated.

  2. Once the component is selected, many options are become active in tool bar.

  3. Click on duplicate option and your component will duplicate.

If you want to duplicate multiple components at a time, press & hold command (or Ctrl Key) and select more than one components to be duplicated. Proceed by following above steps 2 & 3.

Create a simple prototype using Xiffe

Xiffe is an online mobile app prototyping tool, where you can create user interfaces for your mobile app. A sample video is given to guide you to start prototyping with xiffe. If you are not familiar with xiffe environment.. No worries..:) just go through with the tutorial video, surely it will help you out in creating your first prototype with xiffe.


Xiffe enables you to design amazing prototypes.

Collaborative prototyping with Xiffe

Our Team Plan users can now start collaborating with team members using the team manager dialog. With the latest update of, you can now create prototypes for apps by collaborating online in real time with other team members. We have made a small demo video so you can see how it works.

On the editor, there is a small collaborator icon at the top towards the center where you can see all your collaborators for the selected app. Whenever a collaborator accesses the app you're editing, you get a notification and thereafter your edits to the app can be seen in real time by your team member.

Collaborators can group-chat between them to discuss while they're editing the screens. All your messages are stored at browser end only and live temporarily till you're editing the app - we do not keep a copy of them. This ensures increased safety of your intellectual property as well.

While working in a collaborative environment, there can be various cases where conflicting actions take place on an app screen. We have tried to think of all such use-cases and Xiffe give appropriate directions and notifications to the collaborators for a seamless experience.

We aspire to improve Xiffe each day and bring the best mobile prototyping experience to our users. Do try out this new feature and send us your feedback at

With Love from Xiffe - Look What We Did, the Best Mobile App Wireframe Tool is a very powerful mobile apps prototyping tool. It is the best tool for mobile app wireframe design and prototyping. To demonstrate this we looked as some of the insanely great designed apps on iOS store, Google Play and Windows Marketplace and redesigned those apps using

The results were awesome and show how much an amazing app design tool is. Here are the results. The best part you need not be a designer or know how to code to do this.

Whole Pantry snapguide mint Evernote bing

Mobile App Prototyping - iOS, iOS 7, Android and Windows 8

We have built an amazing tool for mobile app prototyping mobile apps for iOS, iOS 7, Android and Windows 8 mobile. Its called We have built the simplest interface, with drag and drop features. Collaboration and other features coming soon.

Give it a try and please provide your valuable feedback and suggestions. Our team is working extra hard to make this the best prototyping tool and increase your productivity.

Android and Windows Phone prototyping now on Xiffe

We have been working on V2 of Xiffe for few months now. But there was one thing a lot of our clients requested - the support for Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Introducing  v2 on Xiffe - with added support for Android and Windows Phone prototyping.

You can now design app prototypes for iOS, Android and Windows Phone all in one location.

Beside including different platform-specific user controls, we have also included features that are unique to each platform and are an important part of the design process.

For instance, we’ve introduced themes and accent colors for Android and Windows Phone that would create controls with predefined colors for you without having to customize each of them as recommended by these platforms.

Round icons (action buttons) are another set of controls commonly used in Windows Phone apps. Their inclusion in Xiffe lets you focus on the overall layout and look and feel of the app while we do the heavy-lifting for you.

While tab bars and action bars are added for Android, pivots and app bars are made available for Windows Phone apps.

You can see below a small subset of controls that Xiffe has made available for Android and Windows Phone app prototypes.


Windows Phone

* *

While we’re continuously trying to improve Xiffe, we’d be happy to receive your feedback about what you liked in this update and what features you would like to see included in the next update.

Do write to us on and let us know what you think about this latest update. You can also give us a shout out if you find any issues and we’ll ensure we fix them right away to help you prototype the next killer app!

Xiffe - Getting Started

Welcome to Xiffe. We have tried to make Xiffe easy to use for anyone who knows how to use the internet. We aim to make the tool better using your feedback. Here’s a quick starter guide on how to use Xiffe for prototyping your iOS apps. The tutorial will guide you through the process of deploying fully interactive iOS app prototypes and how you can see the simulation as it would look on an actual iPhone. Xiffe is a web app and you don’t need to install anything or configure your browser to use it. Just login with your account and get started.

For best results, use it on Google Chrome, Apple Safari (version 6.0 or above) or Firefox.

Getting Started

1. After logging in, on the Dashoboard, click + button to get started with designing your first app

2. Give your app a name , select your preferred device (iPhone 5/ iPhone/ iPad) from Device dropdown (iPad option available in pro plans only) and select your preferred Platform - iOS 7 or iOS 6. This will define which controls you see when creating the mocks - flat UI or skeuomorphic graphics.

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 8.04.51 PM

3. Select your preferred color scheme from predefined color sets for your buttons, backgrounds, titles etc. and save your preference. You can change colors for individual elements within the app. This option just makes sure you don’t need to set the colors for each control. They will all follow your selected theme

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 8.09.54 PM

4. Click Next to reach the Editor area

Drag and Drop Interface

The Editor area is divided into 3 main sections - Tools, Screen-Area and Properties

Drag and drop controls from the Tools section to your screen area. Change control properties from the Properties area on the right side.

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 8.05.36 PM


Adding new screen

To add a new screen, click + button in the lower scrollable area

Connecting 2 screens

1. To connect 2 screens together, add a button or an image which has a Link property. Then select the screen name you need to connect to and the transition type for the navigation animation. Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 8.15.42 PM Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 8.17.02 PM

Let us select slide animation here as this is the default animation for screen navigation in iOS apps.

2. Select the screen to which you need to navigate from the bottom screen area.

Add a reverse transition link to the back button so that you can traverse back to the originating screen.

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 8.19.04 PM

3. Select the Preview link on top of the editor area to see app preview

4. Watch your screen connected together in the Preview area using appropriate button clicks.

Preview app on an iPhone

Additionally, you can share the app preview link via email and view the link on your phone’s browser. This will simulate how the app will look on an actual iPhone.

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 8.20.44 PM

Happy prototyping!

You can get in touch with us at and we would be happy to help you if you have any questions.

Mockup iOS apps in a jiffy

Ever wish you could design your apps and show your clients/colleagues how it would look before it went into development? Wouldn’t it be easy to just drag-drop a few components and get this done instead of using Photoshop or Illustrator or Powerpoint, digging through layers and getting the right components? Xiffe lets you do just that. Create prototypes for your apps in a xiffe (pronounced jiffy) using a simple drag-drop web interface. All your data is stored on the web making it easy to access anywhere on the internet. You can even access the prototypes on your iPhone to see how the app would look on an actual iPhone.

Xiffe Includes:

iOS7  Compatible Design Library

Xiffe provides the complete iOS 7 flat UI library along with the standard skeuomorphic graphical elements:

  • Bars (Status bars, Navigation bars, Toolbars, Tab bars)
  • Buttons
  • Resizable and colorable icons
  • Alert messages
  • Date and time pickers
  • Keyboards
  • Table Views etc.


Unlike most other mockup tools where you can change only basic properties for an element, with Xiffe, you get complete control of the elements to closely match the properties that Apple provides for its controls. So you can control the elements to the same levels that you can with Apple Xcode.


Icon sets

Apps these days require developers to show as much as they can on a very small screen. This requires them to use images rather than text. Xiffe provides you with a large icon set which will meet most of your needs. Instead of browsing through the Internet for icon sets, just concentrate on your app design. We have included vector icons from Font Awesome that can instantly be customized by you for both size and color.


  App Previewer

You can simulate an entire app workflow by linking screens through button clicks and specifying transitions between screens. So your clients and collaborators can see exactly how data will move through the app.


You can also share links to your prototype with others. This will let them see how the app will actually look on an iPhone.With this version, we’re releasing a web-tool that will help you mock up your apps for iOS in a Xiffe (pronounced jiffy).

Using Xiffe, create a mockup like DropBox

image image

** Left - Screenshot from original DropBox app Right - Mockup using Xiffe  

or a Yelp like iPad app mockup


Xiffe provides you theme based controls with a predefined color scheme for a head start. You can change color for individual controls as well.


With a simple layout, snap to grid line feature and position indicators - Xiffe helps you create iOS app mockups with ease.

We are still in beta and continuously improving our design and user experience. We will also be introducing other mobile platforms with later versions - including Android and Windows Phone. Try out Xiffe and do send us your feedback at